Stryn’s timeline on wiki

This story includes Wikimedia history of User:Stryn. This English version is just a brief version, and the original, full version is in Finnish.

2006–2010 (First steps)

I registered to the Finnish Wikipedia on 6 October 2006 at 20:54 with username Dj-lordi. Later I changed my username to Djlordi and then later to the current name, Stryn.

To the English Wikipedia I made my first edits on January 2010. I’ve never been there as active as on Finnish Wikipedia, but sometimes I have been active there in fighting with vandalism.

I edited the Meta-wiki first time on January 2010, but I became active after July 2012.

Following years shortly in English

  • 2011 admin on Finnish Wikipedia
  • 2012 admin on the Wikidata
  • 2013 oversighter on Wikidata, global rollbacker, Arbitration Committee member on Finnish Wikipedia
  • 2014 member of the Ombudsman Commission, global sysop, admin on Meta-wiki, first off-wiki-meetup
  • 2015 Steward, checkuser on Finnish Wikipedia, more off-wiki-meetups
  • 2016 Wikimania, meetups related to the Game Museum of Finland, that opens in 2017.

Full version available in Finnish language here.