10 years since I created my Wikipedia account

Wow, 10 years in Wiki[p/m]edia! I registered to the Finnish Wikipedia on 6 October 2006 at 20.54 local time with username “Dj-lordi”. Later I changed the username to “Djlordi” and finally it became the username that I still use, “Stryn”.

However, I was not active until October 2009. During my first years I mostly just started new articles about tennis players, alpine skiers, and other sports related stuff, as in real life I’m a passionate sports fan.

I have written a timeline of my Wikimedia career, unfortunately it’s in Finnish, because it’s my mother tongue. I have been asked few times how everything started and what do I actually do on Wikimedia projects. Because of the anniversary I will now publish the timeline, you can see it at http://stryn.eu/wiki/Wikiaika. There’s a shorter version available in English at http://stryn.eu/wiki/Wikiaika/english.

It’s also a good for myself to collect everything important to one page. I have always liked to collect stats and write things down.

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