10 years since I created my Wikipedia account

Wow, 10 years in Wiki[p/m]edia! I registered to the Finnish Wikipedia on 6 October 2006 at 20.54 local time with username “Dj-lordi”. Later I changed the username to “Djlordi” and finally it became the username that I still use, “Stryn”.

However, I was not active until October 2009. During my first years I mostly just started new articles about tennis players, alpine skiers, and other sports related stuff, as in real life I’m a passionate sports fan.

I have written a timeline of my Wikimedia career, unfortunately it’s in Finnish, because it’s my mother tongue. I have been asked few times how everything started and what do I actually do on Wikimedia projects. Because of the anniversary I will now publish the timeline, you can see it at http://stryn.eu/wiki/Wikiaika. There’s a shorter version available in English at http://stryn.eu/wiki/Wikiaika/english.

It’s also a good for myself to collect everything important to one page. I have always liked to collect stats and write things down.

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4 years of Wikidata

Stryn with his Wikidata t-shirt in 2016. #proud
Stryn with his Wikidata t-shirt in 2016. #proud

I’m writing this blog post, as on 29 October 2016 Wikidata will turn 4 years!

This is my short story about what I’ve been doing on Wikidata during these 4 years.

I started editing Wikidata already on its launch date, 29 October 2012. I quickly became interested of the project – well to be honest – I’m always very interested of new projects! And as I have studied information technology this looked very interesting for me. During first year I was quite active in writing on the project chat by asking questions, creating bug reports and helping other newbies, and also fulfilling edit requests for system messages. There’s no certain area where I’ve been the most active, but especially I’ve updated and added information to items about tennis players, and created thousands of new items using my main account and a bot account.

Between 2012–2014 I was one of the few Finnish Wikidata editors, but now I’m happy that there seems to be also many other users from Finland, some of them even more active than me.

I was one of the first Wikidata administrators, elected on 13 November 2012. And now 4 years later, I’m still an admin there. I was also an oversighter between September 2013–June 2014.

Happy Birthday Wikidata! 🙂